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The Colville School District serves as a clock hour provider.  Clock hours are offered for two reasons.  First, clock hours are required for most educators for re-certification purposes.  It is the responsibility of the educator to keep original clock hour forms for re-certification.  Secondly, clock hours are factored into salary increases over time.  The human resources department will keep a running record of clock hours for employees but it is ultimately the responsibility of the educator to reconcile personal with district files/totals.

Please note that in-services offered on campus, during a contracted/salaried day will not receive clock hours.

Definition of Continuing Education Credit Hour (Clock Hour)

  • Clock hours are units of credit assigned to educators at a professional development/training event
  • Clock hours are accrued by Washington State educators toward continuing education requirements in the state of Washington
  • Clock Hour rules are available online at Chapter 181-85 WAC

STEM Clock Hours
Beginning on September 1, 2019, renewal applications for residencyprofessional, and continuing teacher and CTE certificates must document completion of at least 15 clock hours, or at least one goal from an annual professional growth plan (PGP), with an emphasis on STEM integration to meet this renewal requirement.​

STEM integration is the authentic combination of at least two of the STEM components (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). The requirement applies to the following endorsement areas:

  • Elementary education;
  • Early childhood education;
  • Middle level mathematics and science;
  • Secondary mathematics;
  • Secondary science;
  • The designated sciences; and
  • Career and Technical Education

The STEM certificate renewal requirement is considered to be met by holders of a valid National Board Certificate. Please see the State of Washington Professional Educator Standards Board STEM Renewal Requirement page.

Approving STEM Clock Hours
Approved providers may offer STEM clock hours and are able to independently vet each offering to ensure the course meets the intent of the STEM clock hour requirement. STEM clock hours are to be offered on a case-by-case basis provided the course qualifies by meeting the Criteria and Guiding Questions.


  1. The intent of the RCW is to ensure students have exposure to authentic STEM integration experiences which align to state learning standards including information about STEM-related career choices. The intent is for educators to incorporate the learning from the STEM activity within their professional practice such as a classroom or professional development opportunity (PLC, staff meeting, district level workshop, etc.).
  2. The educator must participate in or demonstrate implementation of a STEM activity. The learning or activity must demonstrate authentic integration of science, technology, engineering and math, incorporating at least 2 of the 4 STEM elements. Only one element out the STEM learning experience is not considered an authentic STEM experience.

Guiding Questions:
Providers of STEM-related continuing education should design workshops / course offerings to ensure educators will meet the renewal requirement by answering "YES" to all of the following questions.

  1. Will the STEM activity have an impact on STEM experiences for students?
  2. Does the STEM activity provide examples or resources to use with students or with other educators?
  3. Does the STEM activity provide examples or resources about STEM-related career choices to use with students?

Q&A for Clock Hour Providers

Guidance for Clock Hour Providers and Examples of STEM Clock Hour Applications:
For examples and non-examples of STEM Clock Hour offerings, see these three examples. Rationale is included within the document.

Q&A for Educators

Clock Hour Information for Candidates and NBCTs

Candidates and NBCTs are eligible for clock hours based upon their participation in the National Board Certification process. Salary advancement based on clock hour accumulation is determined by the employer.

In September of 2018, PESB revised WAC 181-85-033 to provide clock hours per component submission and to renewal candidates. Individuals are eligible for clock hours according to the policy in place when they first submitted a National Board component.

For candidates whose first component submission was prior to 2018:

OSPI gives up to 90 clock hours to National Board candidates and teachers. These are offered in two allotments.

  • 45 clock hours to National Board candidates upon “completion” of the National Board process. This includes submission of components 2-4 and the assessment for component 1. OSPI reviews a list of “completers” from NBPTS in the fall for comparison with submission data from the most recent cycle. All identified candidates will be sent documentation to sign and return to their district.
  • 45 clock hours upon certification, before December 31. OSPI receives an additional list from NBPTS of all newly certified NBCTs. All identified candidates will be sent documentation to sign and return to their district.


 Are you an educator with a question?

Educator Clock Hour Information - FAQs for Educators​

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