Clock Hours Flow Chart and Surveys

Colville School District

 Flow Chart
An idea or proposal is initiated by a:
School or district PLC or team
District administrator
and shared with the Director of Learning and the school or program
administrator for their input / approval.

Lead fills out an "In-service Clock Hour Proposal Form" (on website)
The proposal is submitted to the Director of Learning via email
 for approval.
Approval will be returned via email

Lead fills out "Clock Hour Appproval Form" and obtains building principal or supervisor's approval,
certification and signature (pg.1) and "workshop sponsor" signature (pg.2) - Alicia Morrison
"Clock Hour Appproval Form" is sent to Alicia Morrison via email
Lead is assigned a clock hour course number and writes number on the "C.H. Proposal"
Lead is given a clock hour evaluation link (on website)
If course qualifies for supplemental pay, the "Supplemental Pay Form" (on website) must
 be filled out in advance with "Program" checked and Dir. of Learning and/or Principal's signature
Print Roster Sheet(s) (on website)
Upon completion, all participants must fill out and evaluation via web-based link (on the website)
Provide one pre-filled "C.H. Approval Form" per participant. Participants make a copy and give to lead.
Signed clock hour forms are to be given out only after completion of the training and evaluation
Participants fill out their portion of the form/sign. It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure human
 resources has a copy of their clock hour form and to keep original for their re-certification
If this qualifies as supplemental pay, provide form for employee to finish and sign

Gather all completed forms
1. Roster Sheet(s)
2. A copy of the "Clock Hour Approval Forms"
3. "Supplemental Pay Forms", if applicable
4. Deliver via school mail all forms to Alicia Morrison (Panorama)

The furnished copy of "Clock Hour Approval Form" will be kept in the personnel file for auditing purposes.  It is the teacher's responsibility to keep their original clock hour form for re-certification purposes.
Extra pay forms will be delivered to payroll
The course evaluation will be automatically tabulated and data available in the D.O. clock hour file

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Clock Hours Surveys

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