Branded Account is Suspended in Youtube

What is this? Is it real? What do I do?

Yes, this is a legitimate email from Google.

YouTube Brand Accounts allow users to use certain Google services with a separate identity that is not publicly linked to their regular Google Account identity. Brand Accounts are not currently supported for G Suite for Education primary/secondary (K-12) school domains.  On July 10, 2019, Google took the following actions on accounts not already granted an extension by their school’s G Suite admin:

Google suspended Brand Accounts whose primary owner is a G Suite for Education primary/secondary (K-12) school user.

Google removed G Suite for Education primary/secondary (K-12) school users as members from any Brand Accounts they belonged to.

What is a Google Brand Account?
To learn about Google Brand Accounts, please click the following Google Support link.

If you do not need your YouTube Brand Account unsuspended, follow these steps to use the YouTube Channel Switcher:

1. Remove your COLSD account – Click on your icon, select Manage People, click on the three dots next to your icon, and choose Remove This Person
2. Clear browsing data in Google Chrome
3. Restart Google Chrome
4. Go to:
5. Sign back into your COLSD account
6. If Google’s Brand Account article appears, scroll down the article and under the How will my Brand Account be impacted while suspended click on the YouTube channel switcher link
7. Select your COLSD account

If it does not work at first, repeat steps 1 through 7

Do you need your YouTube Brand Account unsuspended?

If you do, please submit a Help Desk Work Request asking to Extend YouTube Brand Account. Your request will be passed onto Google. Once Google processes the request, this will cause your Brand Account to become unsuspended. Note that processing times will vary, but may take up to several weeks. Once unsuspended, you may follow the steps below to preserve your data.

How to preserve your Brand Account data
If your Brand account is unsuspended, one or more of the options below may be used to preserve some or all of your Brand Account data:

You can download your data while logged into the Brand Account prior to July 15, 2020 to export the Brand Account’s content.

You can transfer the primary ownership of the Brand Account to another user before July 15, 2020. The new primary owner must either be (a) a G Suite account holder that is not in a G Suite for Education primary/secondary (K-12) school domain or (b) a consumer account holder (i.e.

Note that even Brand Accounts that have been submitted for an extension are still subject to deletion after July 15, 2020 (if the primary owner of the Brand Account is a G Suite for Education primary or secondary (K-12) school user as of July 15, 2020). 
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