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Rocket Launch           CHS Rocket Club                
Rocket Club enters team in World's Largest Rocket Contest!!
If you are interested in joining Rocket Club, contact Mr. Christian at the high school. 
The CHS Rocket Club has entered a team in the Team America Rocketry Challenge for the 6th year.  The team will represent the high school in what has become the largest rocket contest in the world.  The contest allows up to 750 teams from secondary schools across the US to take part in attempting the design challenge which changes each year.  Now in its 8th year of existence, the contest rules for this year require thestudents to design, build, and repeatedly test rockets that will lift a raw chicken egg to an exact altitude of 750 feet and bring it back to the ground unharmed in between 40 and 45 seconds using a parachute. Due to complications from last year's design challenge, they reverted back to using parachutes. But limited the parachute size to 15 inches.  The team started practice with a 2000'+ shot with our nationals rocket from 2006 to get the feel of high-power rocketry.  An altimeter rides in the payload along with the egg to measure exact altitude