It is our great pleasure to announce that we have offered the job of Superintendent of Colville School District to Mr. Steve Fisk of Spokane, WA. Mr. Fisk is a visionary leader who we believe is a wonderful fit for the position. He is very excited to begin serving our community in his new job on July 1st.

It was the School Board’s intent to make our Superintendent Search a transparent, inclusive, community-wide process. We are very grateful to each and every student, staff, and community member who participated. Please know that your feedback played an important role in helping us reach our final decision.

We had the good fortune to have excellent finalists and we are grateful to all of them for spending a long but productive day with us. The board considered extensive information and engaged in thoughtful deliberation before making its decision.

Mr. Fisk is an out-going, enthusiastic, community-oriented individual. If you did not have the opportunity to meet him yesterday, you will certainly have the chance to do so in the coming months, both in and outside of our schools. We hope you will join us in making Steve and his family feel welcome in our community.