Each year the Transportation Department faces the perils that winter driving brings. Drivers check, review and make sure that all necessary emergency equipment is in the bus and ready to go.

When the really tough winter weather hits, the Transportation Director does a daily check of road conditions and weather reports. Winters in this area can be very unpredictable and we never know from year to year, or day to day what is in store for us.

When situations get extreme, we will continue to make decisions on bus routes and late starts by 5:30 a.m. The Transportation Director makes an assessment of road and weather conditions in the a.m. This information is then reviewed with the Superintendent of Colville School District prior to announcement of a change in routing or school times. Information is given to the local radio station that broadcasts in AM and FM and also to the Spokane news stations. Parents/Guardians are also notified through school messenger system.

When necessary drivers may have to make the difficult decision of whether a road is passable or not. This very rarely occurs, but should this be the situation the driver will contact the dispatch office and every effort will be made to contact the students who are affected. Should you wish any further information or if you have any questions, please feel free to call the Transportation Department at (509) 684-5152.

As for the decision, some definition:

A “SNOW DAY”: The district and buildings are shut down. No students or staff and doors are closed.

A “DELAY”: This pertains to students and or buses only. Doors will be open if students show up. It’s a work day for staff, however, we do not want staff to put themselves in undue jeopardy. (Drive safe!)

** Some routes have seasonal changes. Please see route information for variations due to winter weather.

AUGUST 2021-22
1 1 Middle Basin Marble Valley Basin to Middle Basin to Orin Rice to Valley Westside to Colville
5 5 North Basin Section of Orin Rice Road to include Wonch, Bentley, Lindsey and Mantz-Rickey Rd
6 6 Arden Area From 8 miles south on Old Arden Hwy, North to Hall Rd, Arden Butte Loop, Pend Orielle Loop Artman-Gibson to Hwy 20 to Graham Rd into town
9 9 N Williams Lk. 17 miles N. on WM Lk Rd, inc. Swede Pass, Evans Cutoff, Brooks Rd inc Gillette, Lee Hedrick, and Douglas Falls
10 10 Pend Oreille Lks 26 Miles E. on Hwy 20 to Colville
11 11 Onion Creek 18 miles N on Clugston Creek to T.A., inc. Peterson Swamp, Gillette and Spanish Prairie
12 12 Special Ed As assigned, changes weekly
13 13 S Williams Lk. 14 miles N on Williams Lk. Returns S on Wm. Lk to Hwy 395 inc. and Adam-Sherry
15 15 South Basin Inc. Naff, Old CC, Matson, South Basin, and Orin Rice Roads
16 16 Dominion North end of Knapp Rd to Old Dominion to Prouty Corner Lp & Dominon Rd, inc Mosby Rd includes Hwy 20 E & Garvey Rd also Dolomite & Tiger Drive
17 17 Gold Creek Gold Creek Lp inc Valley Westside, Monumental, Geeseman, Hwy 395 N & Buena vista
18 18 Aladdin 20 miles N on Aladdin, also Dry Gulch Rd, S Aladdin
20 20 Wildlife Range From N end of Kitt Narcisse, S to Hotchkiss includes Mahoney and Garden Homes
22 22 Special Ed As assigned, changes weekly
23 23 Special Ed As assigned, changes weekly
25 25 12 Mile 11 miles S of Colville on Old Hwy 12 Mile North, inc Philleo Rd, Slide Crk, Westover, Moran Crk, then N on 395 inc Old Arden Hwy to Colville
28 28 Special Ed As assigned, changes weekly
29 29 In- Town K thru 5, In town
30 30 Special Ed As assigned, changes weekly
31 31 In- Town K thru 5, In town
32 32 South West Valley End of Philpott Rd to Arden Hill Rd N on Skidmor, Then Haller Crk and Orin Rice to Hwy 395 N to Colville
33 33 Special Ed As assigned, changes weekly
34 34 Southwest 395 24 Miles S of Colville to Summit Valley, return to Addy 395 N also 12 Mile & Townsend Sackman to Arden Hill, East to 395 to Colville
AM Transfers (Ft. Colville to Hofstetter) bus # 31
PM In-town transfers (Hofstetter to Aster, and Ft. Colville) bus # 31
PM In-town transfers (Ft. Colville to Aster) bus # 29
PM In-town transfers (Ft. Colville to Hofstetter) bus # 11
PM In-town transfers (K-5 schools to CJHS) bus # 29
(K-5 schools to 970 S Elm, SCC) bus # 29
(9-12 grades to 970 S Elm, SCC) bus # 15
AM In-town transfers (9-12 grades to CHS from 970 S Elm, SCC) bus # 15

Dionne Bliss, Transportation Director
Phone: (509) 684-5152
178 DeGrief Road
Colville, WA 99114