Principal's Message

Hofstetter Elementary School

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Hofstetter webpage. Hofstetter Elementary serves approximately 325 students from PK through 2. Our goal is to ensure learning at high levels for all students.

At Hofstetter Elementary, we follow a set of shared values that guide our beliefs about teaching, learning and the Hofstetter community. We believe in our students and believe they ALL can learn. We also believe our students deserve a safe, satisfying, and successful school experience. We know that high expectations for student achievement combined with adequate support and intervention will result in academic proficiency and growth. At Hofstetter, our focus is to help children learn and grow. To do this, our teaching and professional development must be intentional and purposeful. Cooperation, collaboration, and communication are at the core of our educational success. At Hofstetter, we strive to continue to improve and develop a growth mindset for not only our students, but staff. We believe it is important to model good character and foster a caring school culture where students feel valued and appreciated. Finally, we believe in building partnerships between school, home, and community. Through these shared values and beliefs, students experience an education that starts them on their education journey.

Our students receive an intentional, focused education which combines research-based educational practices with high quality curriculum. Implementation and instruction is informed by regular professional learning and collaboration amongst staff. Our excellent Special Education program and school-wide intervention program allow us to meet the specific needs of all students. At Hofstetter, we are blessed with many parent and community volunteers, which provide an additional, rich learning experience for our students. We invite you to be a part of this process, and experience the learning at Hofstetter Elementary.


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