2023-2024 Required Yearly Updates Graphic

The Colville School District uses an online format to collect important information for students each school year. This is a yearly-required process for guardians. We recommend that guardians use a laptop, desktop, or chrome book computer to complete the Required Yearly Updates, however any internet connected device will work.  Guardians may use their student’s school issued device for this purpose. 

Guardians need to log into Skyward and complete this process as soon as possible.

What will happen if I do not complete the Required Yearly Updates? The Colville School District is committed to your student’s safety.  The information that we collect annually is designed to keep your student safe at school and is required.  Needed information includes current demographic information, emergency contact information, health information, our district’s computer use policy, and various other permissions, acknowledgments, and notifications for the next school year. Students who do not have the Required Yearly Updates completed may not be permitted to participate in certain school functions such as field trips and athletics.  In addition, students must have a current Required Yearly Update on file to check out a school laptop or chromebook. Completing forms online is quick and easy.  If you have questions or need help, call your child’s school office.

What if I do not have access to a computer? You can use your student’s school issued laptop to complete the Required Yearly Updates.  If you need assistance, call your child’s school office, there may be other options available.

What if I have children in different Colville schools? Guardians access all their Colville School District student's Required Yearly Updates on any computer through Skyward Family Access. A drop-down box will allow you to switch between your children to complete the process for each one.