English Language Development (ELD) Program

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The Colville School District serves English Learner (EL) students in the English Language Development (ELD) program from the point of identification until the student demonstrates a satisfactory level of English language proficiency on the World-Class Instructional Design & Assessment (WIDA) Access. The test is based on the English Language Proficiency Standards in reading, listening, writing, and speaking, and addresses the language demands needed to reach college and career readiness.

The identification process occurs when a student is identified on a Home Language Survey as having another language spoken in the home or a primary language other than English. All students who register with a school in Washington State must be asked to identify their primary language.

Once identified, the student is referred for and assessed with the state-approved WIDA screener test within 10 days of attendance.

A student is recognized as Limited English Proficient when they receive scores below a 4 in any one of the four language domains on WIDA, and therefore qualify for English Language Development (ELD) program services. A student is considered proficient with their English language skills if they scored at a minimum level 4 in all four language domains, and therefore do NOT qualify for ELD services.

Parents/guardians are notified within 30 days (in English and their primary language) of whether their child will be enrolled in the program. Students enrolled in the ELD program will then receive additional sheltered instruction (push-in/pull-out) support.

OSPI link explaining the identification process:

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English Language Development (ELD) Program Documents And Forms: